By Rosalva Ruiz

It was back in 1986 when my family was involved in a car accident. There was a bus full of people who helped us get out of our truck and laid us on the road. Although my vision was blurred by red stains, I saw her, my angel with a gum.

She may not know that she and it kept me mentally stable while watching my unconscious mom on my side covered in blood. On my other side, my sister trying to cover her pain with her arm on her eyes, biting her lower lip, laying there, as her legs were covered in blood as well. People surrounding us, whispering in disbelief as if we were some freak show from a roadside circus. And my red blurry eyesight that stung as I was watching it all.

She may not know that with this little piece of gum, she showed me the empathy from a stranger that I thought was long lost.

She may not know that thanks to this little piece of mint, I was able to breathe while my headache lessened and washed the iron taste in my mouth.

She may not know that it was thanks to her that I let the police officers take me and my sister into their car. It was thanks to that gum that I sat without a fuss while the doctor stitched my forehead.

And the most important of all, it was thanks to that gum that I did not despair when a doctor took me into his arms to see my shocked mom screaming, “Where are my daughters?!”
This invisible me in her eyes understood her state; yet I still cried while chewing that gum.

I have always wanted to say thank you; however, I don’t even know her name or where she is. The only thing I know is… The bow in her blouse made me think of angels wings.

Hopefully this time with this anecdote I can finally say,
“Thank you, my angel with a gum.”

* This is an anecdote I wrote for the “Mcallen Public Library Anecdote Day Contest.”

It will be held on July 5th, 2020 If anybody is interested on participating here is the link.

El Camino Sigue…

Se nos va entre los dedos
Esta existencia con esperanza y anhelos
Se nos va sin ni siquiera un adiós entre sueños
Y el camino sigue sin descansar
Como si al pararse el reloj dejara de funcionar.

Se nos va el aliento al opinar y desear
Se nos quita la dicha de odiar y amar
Nos dejas un hueco
difícil de llenar
Y a la vez con memorias
difíciles de olvidar.

Si, se nos va la bondad
difícil de expresar
Remordimiento maldito
Que encadena nuestro pesar.

Perdón exhaustivo
al alacrán ponzoñoso
Cesan las muertes
Cual aguijón extraido

Se nos escapa de las manos
Su existencia se extingue
Se lo llevan de nuestro lado
Y Dios lo recibe.

Aun pidiendo justicia
Aun pidiendo que reviva
El camino sigue
Y su tierna existencia
A pasado a ser divina.

Arcana, The Story Behind

In the depths of despair

Thy flame becomes fair

And thy child with wings

Becomes a mortal in earth

But the knowledge of self

That is, within retained.

Once sixty lashes proceed

And the flame becomes complete

Then the one with seventy names

And the healer will once again

In heaven remain

As the prince of the world,

And as the protector of the unborn.

For each lash

10 years have passed

Six wings became three pairs

One shall be only in dreams

In the world, the boy shall exist

As for the last pair of wings

Only true love will know where it is.

Nonetheless till the girl appears

Ageless will be, the ancient of days

Moving from place to place

As for the twin         

The same path shall be seen

The one with the knowledge

In earth shall strive

As for the one in dreams

Till she appears

His memory in darkness shall remain.


Sefira has the strangest dreams, from time to time she encounters a boy who helps her dissipate her nightmares and teaches her how to unwrap her powers to help others overcome their perils.

Hopefully before he comes to get her…

The Meeting Chapter 1

Waking Up

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