Warped Reality

By R.R. SuperNova

My taste buds have betrayed me
Purified water to the sight
Yet laxative liquid
Running through my throat.
Just another day
Just another exam.

I’ve decided…
I’m the protagonist
Of a sci-fi film this time.
They are checking my pulse
And preparing me for the flight.
I’ve already given my autographs.

The crew came for me
To form the parade.
We are passing the big door
We are on our way
I say my greetings
And waves of goodbyes.

I enter the capsule
I’m nervous
Yet excited
I lay in that bed
They wrap me up
Infuse the contrast
To check my vitals.

They tell me
“Pull your arms above you
As if you are diving
And hold on to
The tube of life.
Hear the automated voice
And follow instructions.”

I see the white lights
In front of me
The tunnel above
The count
Is starting
Five, four, three
The sit starts to move
It’s taking me there

An automated voice says,
“Breathe deep
And hold your breath”
I’m passing through
The light is disintegrating me
It’s taking me to another world
To another reality.
“Are you there”
I hear from far away
“Are you ok?
I hear another’s voice nearby
Then she says,
“Vitals are fine
The data is complete…”
My head is spinning
Everything turns black…

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