Wicked 11 (His Side)

Today is the day… I have felt goodSince she cameInto this world. But todayI’m thrilledI’m almost doneGrooming myselfTo meet her. Five hundred yearsHave passed by.TodayShe willFinally be mineOnce again. It was hardNot to showMy emotions. My restrain wasMy vow with ErnestNot to come closeTo herUntil her 18th birthdayso I had to keep away.Even when she… Continue Reading →

What catches your eye

By RRSuperNova * It was a hard time when I made this poem. I guess we always look for miracles when life seems threatened; so we search for our closest means of faith that embodies our family dogma. Yet we forget that we are the ones doing this to nature, so there is no need… Continue Reading →


By RRSuperNova ** This was first published in the 7th volume of The Chachalaca Review I am the mermaidThat sings her notesCalling who ever approachesEnchanting their mindsWith imaginationBeyond their sight. I am that astronautThat reaches the starsThat breaks them apartForming the powderOf magic itself. I’m the wizardThat wonders in fantasylandThat comes out of booksAnd enchants… Continue Reading →

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