By RRSuperNova ** This was first published in the 7th volume of The Chachalaca Review I am the mermaidThat sings her notesCalling who ever approachesEnchanting their mindsWith imaginationBeyond their sight. I am that astronautThat reaches the starsThat breaks them apartForming the powderOf magic itself. I’m the wizardThat wonders in fantasylandThat comes out of booksAnd enchants… Continue Reading →


BewareOf what you doOr what you say. There is a writerOn the loose…

Wicked 10

By RRSuperNova ***** Continuation ***** It does makes me wonderWhat was he thinkingThe entire time?AlsoWhat was trueAnd what was not? I still rememberThe day I was gonnaVisit the children’s homeEven though I was a teenagerAt the timeThey took care of meSince I had no memoryNo relativesNothing. I had a sponsor back thenWho would of thoughtThat… Continue Reading →

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