Fighting Spirit

Miserable painInflicted within this brainThese thorns piercingThis embodiment of a shell. This so-called heartRipped to piecesForgotten reasonsYet here they are. Seems so far backOf these MemoriesOf Broken heartWith shattered wingsToo vividTo let it pass. Domino’s theoryHeavier as it passesYet here I amHopeful  of a new lightLeaving thisHopeless being behind. Dancing through new horizonsPreparing to flyYet… Continue Reading →

Wicked 13 (His side)

She’s done it! Rose knows my weakness…She’s deliberately torturing me.It’s been six months…Six months!And only sixSix pictures!! SighsLeia looks beautiful in this oneMy goddess of creationThis one also… This person is taking close pictures…Too close…He better not fall for her.(It was Rose)Is she smiling because she is happy?Or perhaps…Is it the guy taking the pictures?(Once… Continue Reading →

Wicked (His Side) 12

***** Continuation ***** “Oh! What’s this?Look who’s coming?” Said Rose “Cut it out RoseWhere is she?” I wantedTo rip her apartIf it wasn’t for thatDragon lover of hers. It’s been two yearsI’ve searched for Leia everywhereExceptRose’s territory…Texas. I need her permissionSinceShe’s the current alpha.HerBeing a NahualAnd that dragon lover of hersA lethal combinationAgainst usVampires. “I… Continue Reading →


*There is a tornado right now And I just had to let everyone know How marvelous my 3 year old is… This is what he told me a few minutes ago. MomThe moon is outThe lights are offThe tornado is closeLet’s turn on the lightsOh my gosh!I’m scaredFrom all those bangsLike from gunsThen those lightsThat… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look

*prompt from Howls from el monte By RRSuperNova FallingAs I contemplateThat blazing sunIn this mysterious landThe beginning of our clanTears running up my headSome disappearing into my hairAnd others evaporating into thin air. As I approachThat brilliant sandI start thinkingOf my years past.I see my endingComing fastYet I’m glad I could seeThis pyramid at last…. Continue Reading →

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