My lovely Home

Been in crossroadsSearching for a place to belongSince long ago. And finally found a homeThat sometimes is coldBut that keeps me warm.It’s like destinyMy feet moved towards it. I fell a few times before finding itBut suddenlyIt appeared in front of meWithout me realizing it.And it wasThe most wonderful feelingWhen I gazed upon it. I… Continue Reading →

Hola, soy Rosalva

Hola, me llamo Rosalva y hoy me diagnosticaron con leucemia linfocitica crónica. Hace unos meses mi vida fue cambiando poco a poco. En momentos pensé que era solo cansancio, que tal vez tenía depresión, que eran consecuencias del encierro de tantos meses. Pensé que era cansancio de ser mamá, maestra de diferentes grados, mas niñera del mas pequeño, réferi, ama… Continue Reading →

My Vow to You

By RR SuperNova I’ll trust your wordsBy taking this handI’ll give you my allWithout forgetting myself.I’ll build you a home from scratchAnd give it some warmth. I don’t askFor much in returnLet me love youLet me be part of your world. I’ll try my bestTill death do us partAnd after thatI’ll become a shining star…. Continue Reading →

Se tú en todo su contexto

Hacerte una carta a ti misma diciéndote lo bella que estas, se me hace difícil. He aprendido a vivir con esta personaQue en momentos he odiadoPor el simple hecho de conformarseCon la situaciónCon las escusas predeterminadasDe actos fuera de su control.InclusiveEn ocasionesHasta ha aportado inconscientementeE inocentemente a esas causas. En momentos he sentido su pesarHe sido testigoDe como día a díaIba llenando esa mochila invisibleDe… Continue Reading →

Cold To The Bones

WintertimeCold and blackout timePeople are starvingThirsty and without a dime. Pandemic time as wellAs panic timeNo light to heatFood in freezerHas gone badSince yesterday. There should be a distanceBetween peopleCovid is still at largeYet forced we areAbandoning our sheltersFor food suppliesAnd anythingThat might warm us up.Since what we had is perishedDue to lack of light…. Continue Reading →

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